Tirion Communications Bringing forth love, romance, and memorable characters.
Tirion CommunicationsBringing forth love, romance,and memorable characters.

Telling Stories with Heart

So, who is Malric?  Well, he's a 50-something creator of worlds and stories who somehow decided to bring these tales to life so others could enjoy them.  From a young age Rob has brought his imagination to life.  First writing using his Mom's IBM Selectric, then finding the world of Dungeons and Dragons in High School.  When the internet and AOL came about, he turned his attentions there, even hosting a wedding for two friends he found in the fantasy chat rooms.  He wrote porn and found a few fans who suggested he try his hand at honest authoring.  A visit to Denvention III opened his eyes to the old school world of publishing and opened a few avenues for exploration.  Then came NaNoWriMo and he was hooked.  The ideas kept coming and soon, he had more than a dozen story ideas in various forms.


Determined to complete at least one story idea he published Ace of Hearts in 2019 and the rest, is history.  And he should know, since he got his BA in History back in the 80s.


Rob's stories always give the reader a true sense of being there.  They are expressive and descriptive and you get to know the characters as the story develops.  But he always gives you that happy ending...well, almost every time.


And as for the name?  When Rob played dungeons and dragons, his favorite character was a half-elven Ranger named Malric who fell in love with a human Thief named Tirion, and the rest became his first ever complete story, written out on that old electric typewriter over several months.  Malric became an alter ego and his name shows up all over real life.