Tirion Communications Bringing forth love, romance, and memorable characters.
Tirion CommunicationsBringing forth love, romance,and memorable characters.

Ace of Hearts

When Caleb Porter met Damon Kittredge and his model husband, Greg Willis, he had no idea that he would be wound up in a relationship with the two men.  But Greg was dealing with an abusive childhood and had issues with being touched outside of sex.  And Damon, who loved his husband and was completely devoted to him, needed that tactile expression of love.  Caleb was all about the touch but not about sex and at 55, he had been alone for far too many years.


Finding himself attracted to Damon and Greg both, Caleb found he could provide the needed touch for Damon and even the ability to allow Greg to feel safe with non-sexual touch for the first time in three decades.  But was it enough for Caleb?  Was he able to find what he needed too?  Could he be their Ace of Hearts?